Boiler Servicing

Domestic Boiler Servicing

Boiler servicing is essential for the efficient and safe operation of your heating system. It involves a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of your boiler and its components to ensure that it is functioning correctly and safely. During a boiler service, a qualified engineer will check for any leaks, test the pressure and controls, clean the burner and heat exchanger, and inspect the flue to ensure that it is clear and free from any obstructions. Regular boiler servicing can help to identify and fix any issues before they become more significant and costly problems. It can also help to prolong the lifespan of your boiler and ensure that it is operating efficiently, which can save you money on your energy bills in the long run. It is recommended to have your boiler serviced annually to keep it in good working condition

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Boiler/Heating Breakdowns

Boiler and heating breakdowns can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous, especially during the winter months. Therefore, it is important to have access to a reliable and efficient boiler and heating breakdown service such as ours. Our services offer emergency repairs to fix any issues that may arise with your heating system, including boiler breakdowns, faulty radiators, and other heating system problems.

Our qualified engineer will attend your property promptly to assess the problem and carry out the necessary repairs. We have the expertise and equipment required to diagnose and fix any faults efficiently, ensuring that your heating system is up and running again as soon as possible.

Landlords Gas Safety Certificates

A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, also known as a CP12 certificate, is a legal requirement for landlords who rent out residential properties in the United Kingdom that have gas appliances. The certificate is issued after a Gas Safe registered engineer has inspected the gas appliances in the property and confirmed that they are safe to use.

The gas safety check involves a thorough inspection of all gas appliances, including boilers, cookers, and fires, to ensure that they are working correctly and not posing any health and safety risks to tenants. The engineer will check for any gas leaks, ensure that the appliances are properly ventilated, and assess the condition of any flues or chimneys.

Landlords are required by law to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate every 12 months and provide a copy of the certificate to their tenants within 28 days of the inspection. This is to ensure that tenants are living in a safe environment and that the gas appliances in the property are regularly checked and maintained.

Boiler and Heating Installation

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Boiler and heating installation services provide a comprehensive solution for replacing old, inefficient boilers or installing brand new heating systems. A professional installation service will work with you to assess your heating requirements, provide advice on the best options for your property, and install the chosen system to the highest standard.

Domestic Warm Air Heating

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Domestic warm air heating is a type of heating system that distributes warm air throughout a building to provide a comfortable living environment. This type of heating system works by heating the air in a central unit, such as a furnace or heat pump, and then circulating the warm air through ductwork and vents to different areas of the property.

Domestic warm air heating systems can provide quick and efficient heating, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. They are also relatively easy to install and maintain, making them a cost-effective heating solution. Additionally, warm air heating can help to reduce humidity levels, which can be beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory problems.

Residential Park Homes

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Heating services for residential park homes are essential for ensuring the comfort and safety of park home residents, especially during the colder months. These homes require specific heating solutions due to their unique structure and layout. We are a reliable heating service provider and can offer bespoke solutions to meet the heating needs of residential park homes.

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